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Hello! My name is Laura Brooks and I run the Girls Just Wanna Have Funds financial pages on my blog, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter channels.

The concept for the blog stemmed from a love of making money through side hustles, which then lead to making money from multiple streams of income. Now, I actively use my influence to encourage my followers to do the same.

Both the blog and social pages have only been up and running since May 2020, but they have been growing in traffic and followers at an impressive rate.

Here’s a little insight into how it’s been achieved and my growth plans for the future.

Starting the Blog

I started the blog initially in an attempt to gain passive income through affiliates and advertising, but as time went on I realised that there was more to both my blog and social pages.

The spotlight has really been on people’s finances since the start of the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic and a lack of personal finance education has left many people fearful of what their financial future looks like.

Having worked in the financial market sector managing a team of call centre sales staff and approving loans for those customers deemed to have ‘poor credit’, I realised that my blog and socials are a great way to support people with personal finance questions and help them save money, cut costs and maximise their income.

My followers are growing daily and the feedback I get regarding content is certainly part of how i keep people engaged and continue to grow my audience. The more that you do this, the more likely you are to become an influencer, in your relevant field.

How do you do it?

I believe it is a couple of things.

Understanding your audience and gaps in the ‘market’ certainly keeps followers coming back to my blog and engaging in the content I produce.

The other is expanding my network and building relationships with both my allies and with people who will potentially become clients or customers in the future.

My goal is to continue growing my audience and developing content to help others achieve the financial independence they deserve and open them up to so many opportunities that financial freedom brings.

The most important thing for me is to reach out and be of service to people aiming to be debt free and those looking to improve personal and financial growth, providing them with advice and guidance and not expecting anything in return.

Are there any other ways to grow your socials?

A great way is to seek out those accounts in the same or similar niche’s to yourself. You follow them and they follow you.

Sharing content works well and the key is finding a social site that you can really focus on before expanding in to other

Freebies are another good one. Add people to a mailing list in exchange for a free download or discount on a product or service you offer. But the biggest thing for me is consistency and just showing up for my followers regularly.

It really doesn’t take that much time at all and the rewards are vast as you will eventually get to a stage where you have their trust and a relationship. It’s at this point that they will ultimately be more inclined to buy your products and/or services.

It’s not working!

Then stop doing what you are doing!

Not permanently of course, but you do need to reassess what has been working well and what hasn’t. You can then take some time to see what others in your field of interest are posting and review if there is anything that you will do differently moving forward.

One of the key things I am seeing a lot of at the moment is giveaways and competitions where people are asked to follow everyone in a loop or tag in friends or family to encourage growth that way.

Ultimately, you have to find what’s right for you and your socials. But if I could give just one piece of advice, it would be to listen to your followers and do not under any circumstances buy into these people telling you that they will provide with with x number of followers for £x

Organic growth and relevant followers is what you need, so save your money.

Laura x


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